SHIVA DDX Video Demo

Shiva DDX "Digital Modulated Delay"

Product info: The DDX – Digital Modulated Delay - is the extreme evolution of a delay that made history: the Boss DD2 . The DDX is one of the most comprehensive delay pedals that the market is able to offer. Starting from a true bypass method to preserve the incoming sound as closely as possible, there is a completely analog modulation and filtering section. The oscillator is derived from our Caribbean Blue chorus, while the EQ section is designed to provide a multitude of amazing sounds. Two completely separate active bands allow you to sculpt the sound, simulating perfectly Tape, Vintage, Lo-Fi and Analog sounds. The combinations of these features can recreate sounds that recall very famous rack delays, such as the TC2290, Roland SDE300 or Lexicon PCM42 . There is also a TIMEx4 foot-switch that gives you a chance to quadruple the set delay time , up to a maximum of approximately 1 second. The implementation of the internal power supply and killdry features allow you to use DDX in the loop , even in parallel. Demo played by Marco Barberini - Recorded @ PriStudio - Video Editing & Graphic by Unleashed Project Studio Video Recorded by Franco De Lillo

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